Client Stories

Client Stories


Simon was released from Prison for the 4th or 5th time and was desperate to change his life. He was very smart to realise that if he did not want to fall back on drugs and drink he needed help. He felt confident that he wanted to stay clean this time. Simon knew he needed structure, focus and a place to feel safe, “and Serenity House has given me all and much more. From my first visit to Serenity House I was guided. Everything was explained to me clearly and I was made to feel welcome immediately.”

Simon expressed that meeting others who were going though similar experience gave him the impression that he had come to a place where he was understood. He felt a real sense of belonging and acceptance. Serenity House gave him a platform where he not only recovered from his addiction but also made new friends. “How did someone like me get so lucky? When I had given up on myself there were people there for me. It works, it really does.”


Thank you Serenity House. I have so much to be grateful for today. Not too long ago I really didn’t want to live and now I find myself loving living. Thank you for helping me to learn how to help myself. I have a programme for living today, a toolkit and a sponsor. I am living in a nice place, have plenty of food and have made many friends. I am applying a new set of concepts, recognising when my old behaviour surfaces and addressing it immediately.

When Nat came to Serenity House he was suffering from resentments and isolation. He did not want to listen to anyone, think positively about life and would not admit his mistakes. Following his treatment at Serenity House he feels stronger, optimistic and believes he has a future. I feel privileged to have attended Serenity House.