The Programme

The Programme

Twelve Step Recovery Programme

Recovery Dynamics® is a tried and tested non-medical method of treatment for alcoholism and other addictions. At its core is a clear, concise and correctly-sequenced explanation of the original Twelve Step Recovery Programme, uniquely presented in a goal-oriented format that guides each individual to an understanding of The Problem, The Solution and The Plan of Action that leads to recovery.

Using Twelve Step insights, the Recovery Dynamics® programme gives the counsellor an effective method of presenting a recovery experience to individuals in a treatment setting.

Most current addiction projects provide information for the alcoholic by way of ‘harm reduction’, ‘alcohol awareness’ and ‘relapse prevention’ programmes. Recovery Dynamics®, designed to bring about recovery, adds an effective treatment resource to existing projects and complements the work being done in the field.

A few ‘musts’: We are very welcoming to anyone wanting to go through our treatment programme. We believe, however, that a few stipulations are in order. Firstly, clients must suffer from alcoholism and have a minimum of 72 hours without a drink. This is the recognised period for alcohol to have left the system. If other drugs are also involved then the requirement is 7 days without drinking or using. Secondly, clients must commit to the full 12 weeks needed to complete the process.

Thirdly, a member of their referring agency – probation officer, counsellor, support worker, doctor and/or mentor – must be in touch with us so that all parties are fully informed of what is expected of the client as he or she goes through the Recovery Experience.


The Process of Spiritual Growth

Believing is the beginning of each thing that we accomplish in our lives. To be successful, believing must become strong enough to incite a decision, which is a choice of a course of action. Once this decision is made it has to become strong enough to incite action. Once the action becomes strong enough, it will bring about results. Once the results are plain and clear, we will have faith. Faith is true knowledge that comes as the result of action.

The Twelve Steps are based on this plan. these are the principles by which humankind has succeeded or failed.

The Twelve Steps:
  • Step 1: Willingness to change
  • Step 2: Believe we can change
  • Step 3: Decision to change
  • Step 4: Inventory to change
  • Step 5: Actions to change
  • Step 6: Actions to change
  • Step 7: Actions to change
  • Step 8: Actions to change
  • Step 9: Actions to change
  • Step 10: Actions to change
  • Step 11: Actions to change
  • Step 12: Changed

We can now see that faith is knowledge that comes as a result of a complete process. This is why Step 12 is the conclusion, and we should not expect this result (faith) in Step 2. Many people fail because they are expecting true knowledge by faith before they make a decision to take any action and get results. We cannot begin with faith; we can only believe in the beginning. But this is all we need to get us started. – Joe ©

Joe McQuany

“The greatest gift in life may not be life itself but the knowledge of how to live that life”
Joe McQuany

Joe McQuany was executive director of Serenity Park and the Kelly Foundation in Little Rock, Arkansas. For almost half a century he has helped others recover from alcoholism and substance abuse. His commitment to humanity and service to those who still suffer expressed his personal philosophy that “we are born for one purpose… to help one another.” Joe McQuany died on Thursday 25 October 2007.

Joe inspired the creation of Serenity House, a charitable company which offers Recovery Dynamics® in a community-based setting in Bristol, England.